Dynamic Driven Determined Dedicated Discipline: These are the five D’s that best describe  Samuel L. Mallette III. He wants it all and with his positive attitude, deep laugh and winning smile he will succeed. You see this inspirational/motivational/minister speaker, singer, actor, writer and businessman, sees his name in lights while helping the world to become a better place.​

Sam has Bachelors degrees in International Business/ Business Management, a Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration and a Doctorate of Divinity. Sam’s  words of wisdom  have put  him in position to address government officials, entrepreneurs, politicians and business leaders all over the world. Sam has been a coach and mentor to many, from college athletes to business owners to educators, he is affectionately known as the “The Love doctor” when it comes to women, men and relationships.​

Sam has also proven himself as a gifted actor, starring in numerous national television commercials, sitcoms and hosting T. V. shows. Sam currently writes  “provocative articles” for the Toledo Free Press. Also, Sam does an advice column called “Ask Sam” for The Toledo Journal and writes “compelling articles” for Pathway Newspaper.  Also, Sam is currently working on his first solo music project called “Loveology.”

In addition to his many endeavors, Sam has created “Sambition” the speaking platform for the Samology principles. Whether its manhood, money, women or relationships he lives by the philosophy if you look good you feel good, when you feel good, you do good, when you do good they pay good, when they pay good you give good, when you give good, you know God is good!